all in a day’s work

Julia is sexy, stylish, and sophisticated, but her perfectly designed life is not quite as fabulous as she’d prefer people to believe. The only thing she has that even comes close to resembling a romantic relationship is with the closeted gay men for whom she acts as a beard. Hurt too many times, Julia has simply given up on love.

But love hasn’t given up on her.

On what should be a straightforward trip to Martha’s Vineyard, Julia meets the flirtatious and drop-dead gorgeous Ian and his sensitively sensual boyfriend James. Instantly attracted to both men, Julia struggles to stay professional, but a series of steamy misadventures spins her carefully constructed world out of control. Can Ian and James mend her broken heart? Will this unconventional romance save Julia from her life as a lonely beard?

1st edition november 2012 phaze books
2nd edition january 2014 ellora’s cave
as of may 2016, romancing the beard has been retired

“Lehoux achieves the trifecta of erotic romance: great humour, good storyline and delicious sex… For an excellent combination of laughs, sex and story, I highly recommend picking up ROMANCING THE BEARD asap!”

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