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It should have been a simple escort mission, but nothing is ever simple for someone who finds trouble as easily as Sevy does. There’s a madman on the loose, and the ghosts of his victims have chosen her to be their voice, forcing her to confront her nightmarish past and all of the painful truths she’s been hiding from for years.

But just how much of her sanity must Sevy sacrifice to protect the people she loves? And how is she supposed to save anyone when she can’t even save her own soul?

pRaise for The SeVy SeRies

“I love this series, I love everything about it! The tension, suspense, and excitement are exhilarating!”

~ geraldine, corraling books reviews ~

“Great world-building, great characters, and a storyline to match. A thrilling page-turner that’s hard to put down!”

~ goodreads review ~

“I’m addicted to this series. The world Lehoux has created and the characters she’s filled it with are completely enthralling.”

~ sharon stevenson, author of sinners never sleep ~
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