to kill a beast, he must first unravel the mystery of a strange and savage beauty

Many years have passed since a merciless dragon known only as the Beast blazed a path of destruction across a once peaceful land, and although he now sleeps beneath the earth, his wicked influence continues to spread, corrupting everything and everyone it touches.

In a neighbouring kingdom, a naive young knight named Eoin hopes to finally break the dragon’s curse, as well as win the respect of his family and the heart of his Queen. He’s always been taught that mortality is as absolute as authority, but after crossing paths with a beautiful yet notorious witch, Eoin discovers that the line between good and evil isn’t as clear-cut as he was led to believe.

Though tempers flare, their attraction to one another cannot be denied, and when Eoin is ambushed by a horde of monsters with eerily human eyes, it is the witch who rescues him from the brink of death. What does she want from him? Is she friend or foe? While recovering under her care, Eoin begins to suspect that the witch is also the keeper of a  truly horrifying secret, one that could throw the entire world into chaos. And meanwhile, the Beast is waiting.

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“FOR THE LOVE OF A WITCH is an intelligent, well-crafted novel that draws on myth and classical romance in a way that feels fresh and modern. This heart-wrenching story gripped me as much with its empathy as with its wonderfully multifaceted characters and satisfying plot.”


Lehoux presents a beautifully portrayed story with flowing prose reminiscent of fairytales of old. There’s comfort to be found within these pages, even though dreadful topics are addressed. Superbly paced with a fine balance of action where lives hang in the balance, and silent, tender moments, this book was far too difficult to put down.


“An incredible story with plenty of action and despair. This was a brilliant read that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to all those who love a dark fairytale.


“A dark and off-beat fairy tale!? Honestly, I needed this book in my life. It was absolutely perfect.”


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