High School Bites the Big One


Had Madison Simmons ever managed to catch the attention of her crush, she would have thought she’d died and gone to Heaven. Instead, she just died. Stuck in limbo within the halls of her Northern Ontario high school, Madison must learn to navigate her afterlife with the help of the ghosts of a hippie, a valley girl and a nerd. But in another twist of fate, Rory Burnett, the oh-so-dreamy boy she was invisible to in life, is now the only living person who can see her.

Convinced that she and Rory are meant to be, Madison ignores the code of non-interference her fellow ghosts insist upon, only to discover that Rory is not quite who she thought he was. To add further insult to injury, he is protecting the girl who may very well be Madison’s murderer. Driven by grief and anger, Madison must unravel the mystery of her death and her current poltergeist-like existence, as well as defend the school from a shadowy entity who seeks to claw its way into the world of the living. There is a long road of danger and self-discovery ahead of her before she has any hope of graduating from this haunted high school.

Graduating Class of Never is awaiting publication