“Thief has everything you can possibly want in a fantasy book…The characters were beautifully detailed and their emotions wonderfully displayed by the exquisite writing throughout the book…This for me is a must read, I recommend it to fantasy lovers in particular, but also to any reader who enjoys a wonderful story.”
~ Eric Townsend, Frodo’s Blog of Randomness ~

“Who needs heroes? Keep one hand on your wallet and the other on your knife, and let Ms. Lehoux’s cast of thieves, rogues, and assassins take you on a wild ride through the more interesting precincts of fantasy. It’s a trip you won’t soon forget!”
~ Elaine Corvidae, Author of Daughter of Snow ~

“Ms Lehoux’s style of writing is akin to a celtic knot; well designed lines of prose curving into a beautifully wrought tale taking you within itself and twining around the corners of your mind.”
~ Sharon Jackson, Troll in the Corner ~

“Ms. Lehoux delivers punches that you won’t see coming…A great new talent in the industry and an amazing story.”
~ J.A. Saare, Author of Dead, Undead and Somewhere in Between ~

“Reading this book has led me to want to read more of Lehoux’s work and to hope that she manages to maintain this subversion of stereotypes throughout her writing. I’d also hope that fantasy authors the world over look at novels like this and consider what they might do to make their own worlds grittier and more realistic.”
~ David Lascelles, ePublishing a Book ~



“‘Shades of War’ has cemented my affection for the Sevy series. Thief did interest me and draw me in, but really Shades of War, is what made me realize how much meaning this series has. Although it may only be a fantasy book, it does bring to light some significant things in our society, one outstanding one being discrimination.”
~ Geraldine, Corralling Books ~

“Shades of War was just as excellent as its predecessor…I loved this book, it was effortless reading it, the writing was excellent yet again and the characters were just as gripping as they had been in Thief.”
~ Eric Townsend,  Frodo’s Blog of Randomness ~

“The plot snakes throughout the book ensnaring your imagination…no less than a fabulous follow up to Thief.”
~ Sharon Jackson, Troll in the Corner ~



“I love this series, I love everything about it! The tension, the suspense and the excitement that just comes from reading this book is exhilerating!  After reading this book, I can’t wait for the next book in the series to come out.”
~ Geraldine, Corralling Books ~

“For those of you who like a little naughtiness mixed in with your fantasy, Masquerade delivers just the right amount.  With romance, daring attempts at rescue, a freakishly powerful yet seductive villain and plenty of magic, Masquerade delivers the perfect combination.”
~ Eric Townsend,  Frodo’s Blog of Randomness ~

“Once again, Lehoux has hit this one out of the park! Let me warn you though, Masquerade is an emotional rollar coaster.”
~ Melissa, Books and Things ~



“Ms. Lehoux achieves the trifecta of erotic romance: great humor, good storyline and delicious sex…For an excellent combination of laughs, sex and story, I highly recommend picking up ROMANCING THE BEARD asap!”
~Delta, The Romance Reviews~