All in a Day’s Work


Julia is sexy, stylish and sophisticated. But her perfectly designed life has one serious downside. Her only romance comes from the gay men for whom she acts as a beard. Hurt too many times, Julia has given up on love.

But love hasn’t given up on her.

On what should be a straightforward trip to Martha’s Vineyard, Julia meets the flirtatious and drop-dead gorgeous Ian and his sensitively sensual boyfriend James. Instantly attracted to both men, Julia struggles to stay professional but Ian and James have other ideas. A series of misadventures and steamy sex spin Julia’s carefully constructed world on its head. With her broken heart, she can’t believe this unconventional romance stands a chance. But Ian and James could save her from being a lonely beard forever.


First Edition November 2012 Phaze Books (as The Bearded Lady)
Second Edition Janurary 2014 Ellora’s Cave

As of May 2016, Romancing the Beard has been retired