A child can’t choose its mother, but maybe a mother can choose her child


mysanctuaryRebecca Dolores Kingsley, better known as Dot, is a precocious young girl with a lot to say. Despite the bleak Catholic orphanage where she resides, the indifference of the adults charged to care for her, and her painful past, Dot is determined to find the sense of safety and belonging that has eluded her since birth. Even if this means taking Kenny, a fellow orphan, under her wing and pretending to be a better mother than the one who abandoned her.

Together with a stained glass angel, Dot and Kenny form a make-shift family which shelters them from the cruel realities of life at the orphanage. But their bonds and Dot’s faith are tested by the world outside their sanctuary, and Dot must make a decision that no mother, real or imagined, should ever have to make.