A child can’t choose its mother, but maybe a mother can choose her child



Rebecca Dolores Kingsley, better known as Dot, is a precocious orphan with a lot to say and a lot of love to give. Despite her painful past and the cruel indifference of a world that doesn’t want her, Dot is determined to beat the odds that have been stacked against her since birth.

When a small boy named Kenny arrives at the orphanage, Dot is quick to take him under her wing. She lavishes Kenny with all of the maternal affection she can muster and, by caring for him, finds a sense of safety and belonging that has long eluded her.

But the future of her little family is soon threatened by someone who forces Dot to play what she calls “the secret game,” and when the unthinkable happens, Dot is faced with a decision that no mother, either real or imagined, should ever have to make.